Wondering who is behind the association?

We are a team of passionate people working on a voluntary basis to provide quality free services.

Each person is unique here, even if some claim the opposite :)

Luclu | President

pp luclu
Hey, I'm Luclu7 (or simply Luclu). At school that day, pseudo-system the rest of the time. IPv6 FTW!

Leon | Treasurer

pp leon
I'm Leon and I'm the only one with webdev capabilities, I'm the one who made the home page and who takes care of the Node and PHP apps for the infrastructure.

Skid | Secretary

pp skid
Hello, Skid (aka Jarod G.) here,
system administrator, developer of all kinds in his spare time.
I manage partially the network of the Association as well as its servers and services.
Btw, I judge very strongly the people who use docker in production.

Theo | SysAdmin

pp theo
Hi, to make it simple, it's Lucas, or rather Theo on the internet
I manage a few servers and I'm also a Python/Lua developer (refer to PARLERbot and FiveAime)
In short, I hope to be able to offer some cool stuff.

Volnix | Designer

pp volnix
Hello! I'm Volnix, Anjara's designer and creator of the logo. I have always been passionate about IT and especially by the creative side that IT gives you! "Specialist" of audio visualization in After Effect, I'm very comfortable with the Adobe CC Suite. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about the logo or anything else that you think is useful to ask a designer. Prosperity to Anjara! ^^

Maxsonic | SysAdmin

pp maxsonic
Hello, i'm MaxSonic (Alias Maxence IRL) WinServ/Debian sysadmin, a dodgy dev and a person who has A lot of time to waste with computers. In short I hope that I will be able to bring the maximum help to develop Anjara :D