Our goal is to provide online services for everyone, developed by a lot of developers around the planet.

We provide a lot of services, such as video sharing or social networking.

We are a French association, published in the JOAFE.

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Do you remember us ?

We are the same people that were behind NSA.OVH, in 2017-2018. Sadly, our server was suffering from big issues, but we are back with this new name and new servers.

List of services we purpose:

PeerTube: Share videos on the PeerTube network
Misskey: Misskey is a multifunction tool to sociabilize with others.
Mastodon: A generic Mastodon instance
File: A simple file sharing system
Disapora*: A federated social network
Pleroma: A Pleroma instance
Pixelfed: A social network to share pictures
Searx: A versatile research meta search engine

You want to contact us ? No problem !